How To Colour courses

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This is a 3 hour  zoom call and this course costs £75 to join.

To achieve the ultimate modern blonde look, you have to include several different processes at one time to achieve one over-all finished result .

We will be showcasing and simplifying the entire step by step process behind your favourite instagram blondes, in an interactive ,look and learn masterclass.

  • Want to know how use multiple foil techniques, root colour and balayage in one application and still save time? 
  • Do you want to see what it really takes to create that ultimate instagram, modern blonde?
  • Do you want a fail-safe sectioning pattern to take back to your salon?

You will learn:

A mix of techniques enables you to create maximum lightening where you want it as well creating the ultimate blend.

In this course you will learn how to stop mistakes from happening when utilising 5 key colour applications to achieve one overall trend-based colour.

  • Consultations
  • Colour mapping
  • Babylights 
  • Face framing
  • Teasy lights
  • Quick balayage with maximum effect
  • Shadow root/root blend
  • Pre-toning
  • Creative glazing

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Please use the contact section for any other enquiries.

This is a 3 hour zoom call and this course costs £75 to join.

Do you love colourful hair?

In the hairdressing world there is no escaping bright colour.

These colour effects are designed to inspire both the client and the colourist.

Pastel pink to indigo ink,  2021 is an exciting time to be a colourist!

  • Would you like to get creative with your colour placement?
  • Do you struggle in getting you clients to have fun with their colour? 
  • Would you like to know how to create a seamless blend between your pastels?

This course is designed to unleash the creative in you.

Instagram is full of colourful, vivid colours but it can be hard to know how to recreate these colours on our clients while keeping the result wearable and expensive looking.

This course will help take the fear away from colourful hair.

You will learn:

  • How to create an ideal canvas to work on.
  • Ultimate blending techniques to master the melt.
  • Sectioning patterns to ensure a bespoke look for every client.
  • How to create the perfect future pastel formula

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Please use the contact section for any other enquiries.

This is a 2 hour  zoom call and this course costs £50 to join.

Within this mixed group session, you will be shown the ultimate balayage blending techniques.

Multiple techniques will be demonstrated, these will enable you to feel ready to return back to the salon with a new set of blending skills.

We will cover:

Freehand balayage, foiliage, Wet balayage, Backcombing, Brush blending techniques along with a lot more tips and tricks in between.

All of your questions will be via a live Q & A at the end.

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Please use the contact section for any other enquiries.

This course would be delivered via zoom,  this would be up to 3 hours.

This interactive online course is £75 per person.

The content of this educational session can be adjusted to what you or your salon want or need from the course.

Feel free to browse though our other courses for inspiration.

This course will include an interactive demonstration and a live q&a.

Participants are invited to practise on block heads along with us at stages if they want.

This course is great for salon groups and hairdresser friends who would like to receive the same education.

Please use the contact section for any enquiries.

Breaking down the balayage.

Balayage is the colour of the decade and there are many different ways to use this technique.

Sometimes we can still struggle with having the confidence that we are using the right technique for the clients hair type.

This course will help you be the balayage master you want to be.

  • Do you struggle with getting the right lift when using Balayage?
  • Do want more of a blend on your balayage?
  • Do you want to know what the best techniques are for different hair types?

You will learn:

4 staple techniques to use on 4 popular hair types.
The course is has 4 main components

  • Consultation
  • Colour mapping
  • Mastering the technique on multiple hair textures and densities
  • Blend enhancing toning trick and tips

All face to face education is temporarily postponed to coinside with current goverment guidelines.

Power piece, money piece, face framing ,contouring. What ever you call it, the people want it!

Throughout all of our courses we receive so many questions on how to create the perfect face framing so lets talk in detail!

  • Do you struggle with the knowing right application?
  • Is it either too thick or too fine?
  • Are you letting fear stop you from the creating the perfect power piece?
  • Is it ever enough?

You will learn:

  • 3 techniques 
  • Super naturals-soft to sun-kissed.
  • Power piece -chunky and fashion forward 
  • Statement - on-trend and creative colour

All face to face education is temporarily postponed to coinside with current goverment guidelines.